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Rotary Drilling Tools

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Our hands-on project drilling experience provides “Rapid Reaction” to customer problems requiring new product development or changes to existing designs.

From concept to well site delivery in days, not months.

RSS Bits (Rotary Steerable System Bits)


OTS Rotary Steerable Bits are designed for Point or Push-The-Bit RSS Systems.

Advanced technology and design protocols are utilized throughout the development of OTS RSS bits. Each RSS product is engineered to a specific RSS tool or directional objective

RSS Options:

• Gauge length 0” to 14 “
• Passive, tapered, active and step gauges
• Asymmetrical spiral blades reduce torque
• Multiple side & back rake cutter angles
• Steel or matrix construction
• “H Feature” Shock stud cutter protection


Thru-Pipe Logging Reamer


These bits are designed to be run on the end of drill pipe or tubing. By reaming the hole, ridges in the well bore are reduced, ledges eliminated and filter cake removed. This provides a much more accurate response for most logging tools.

The wireline tools are protected when running in the hole, and can be readily pulled through the reaming bit.

Coring Bits


OTS manufactures core bits for any formation.

Each core bit is built in cooperation with geologists and drilling engineers to ensure the proper core head selection to the specific type of drilling and recovery method.



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